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Heat is a “hot” commodity in the oilfield. It’s a basic requirement all the way down the line from extraction to processing to distribution. So it stands to reason that any gains in heating efficiency, no matter how slight, can quickly stack up into real dollars saved. Most fire-tube burners in the oil sands – in separators and treaters, for example – use high-pressure fuels which send flames several feet from the combustion source. That’s not only a potentially dangerous waste of heat, but more flame also means more wear and tear on downstream equipment. So Edmonton-based Absolute Combustion International developed a high-intensity burner that delivers an even and consistent heat, and a near-flameless one to boot. That advanced efficiency means not only lower fuel costs but fewer greenhouse gas emissions. So far, the burner’s applications are targeted towards smaller fire-tube jobs in the three- to five-million Btu range, but down the line the company is considering building more powerful units capable of heating fracking water or producing steam for SAGD extraction.

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