Introducing the Absolute Extreme Burner

Absolute Combustion International Inc. (ACI) has designed, produced and tested a completely revolutionary, near flameless burner technology that dramatically improves the key performance characteristics of industrial combustion systems. The ACI Absolute Extreme Burner™ provides a clear and powerful value proposition for the oil & gas industry and other applications. This includes meeting increasing regulatory standards through lower emissions, reducing operational expenses,

increasing workplace safety, a reduction of the amount of fuel consumed during normal operation 35% or or greater, or potentially increasing production efficiency by 35% or greater based on application and restriction of equipment.

ACI Technology

The ACI Absolute Extreme Burner™ has developed an Exhaust Velocity Harmonic™ (EVH) that, along with a proprietary fuel/air vortex, dramatically increases heat transfer efficiency in a fire-tube application. The ACI burner has 100% combustion efficiency, leaving zero carbon monoxide (CO) emissions in the exhaust stream and producing ultra low NOx

We have incredibly low gas pressure, and can operate on natural gas, propane, syngas or other gaseous fuels with Wobbe indexes compatible with Natural Gas.

Custom systems integration, engineering, retrofitting, and technical support services available.

Permanent Burner test and evaluation facilities available at our Leduc laboratory.

Other Applications

  •         Heat Treating Furnaces
  •         Water and Glycol Heating Tanks
  •         Fire tubes
  •         Process Heating
  •         Temporary Heating
  •         Aircraft De Icing
  •         Steam Generation
  •         Frac Water Heating
  •         Dehydrators and Kilns
  •         Grain Drying
  •         Commercial Boilers
  •         Soil Sterilization
  •         Soil Remediation
  •         Ground Thawing
  •         Flare Stacks


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