Reduce Production Cost

Fire Tube Applications

We deliver unmatched heat transfer efficiency with our near flameless combustion system. Our burner increases heat transfer efficiency by 35% or greater, reduces fuel consumption by 35% or greater, cuts down time in half by doubling the life of a fire tube, and with fuel pressures between 2-6psi, we increase workplace safety by removing the risk of blowback.

The Many Benefits

  • Near Flameless, 100% Combustion burner
  • Minimum Double the life of a Fire Tube
  • Reduction in downtime
  • 35% or greater decrease in fuel consumption and Carbon Dioxide
  • 35% or greater increase in process production in a Fire tube vessel
  • Unbeatable heat transfer efficiency
  • Option to add a heat exchanger to pre heat process without the use of additional fuel
  • Decrease in maintenance
  • Increase in safety
  • Fully automated, push button start system with remote monitoring capability
  • NOx as low as 27PPM without FGR or Scrubbers @ 2.5MMBtu
  • Fully CSA certified with Class 1 Div 2 and B149.3-15, CGA 3.4 Compliant
  • Unaffected by Barometric pressure
  • Extremely stable
  • Zero Carbon Monoxide