Absolute Combustion International Inc.

Founded in 2008 Absolute Combustion International Inc. had a vision to become one of the world’s leading burner technology innovators that delivers the highest heat transfer efficiency possible with the lowest emissions in numerous applications for the international market.

Absolute Combustion International Inc. (ACI) has designed, produced and tested a completely revolutionary, near flameless burner technology that dramatically improves the key performance characteristics of industrial combustion systems. The ACI Absolute Extreme Burner™ provides a clear and powerful value proposition for the oil & gas industry and other applications. This includes meeting increasing regulatory standards through lower emissions, reducing operational expenses, increasing workplace safety, a reduction of the amount of fuel consumed during normal operation 35% or or greater, and potentially increasing production efficiency by 35% or greater based on application and restriction of equipment.

The Absolute Extreme Burner TM can deliver an Exhaust Velocity Harmonic TM (EVH) that can dramatically increase heat transfer efficiency in a fire-tube application. The ACI burner has 100% combustion efficiency, leaving zero carbon monoxide (CO) emissions in the exhaust stream. This is considered a platform technology and we believe it will set a new standard for NOx and CO emissions as well as how heat transfer efficiency is delivered and measured.

Through the Combination of vision, innovation and intention we have positioned Absolute Combustion International Inc. to become an industry leader in the field of environmental sustainability.

What Makes Us Different & Why

Burner technology impacts every area of society. There are very few aspects of our life that can function without the use of a fuel source, an ignition system, and a burn chamber.

Burner efficiency, in the simplest terms, represents a heat exchanger’s ability to transfer or convert energy input to energy output. Combustion efficiency is an indication of the burner’s ability to convert BTU of fuel to useable heat. Zero CO is an indication of complete combustion.

The Absolute Extreme BurnerTM is a platform technology and can be applied to any industrial process that requires heat.  We are focused on delivering solutions for combustion and emissions challenges for the oil & gas industry.

The test results that we achieved using propane and natural gas are applicable to the traditional burner market. Our adjusted NOx for O2 at 3% emissions of 17 – 25 PPM at 2.5MMBtu are well below the current accepted emission standard of 35 – 45 ppm. Our CO is zero (0) ppm and our CO2 ranges between 8.0 and 8.8%. With absolutely no reservation we can state that this burner has met and exceeded our expectations at each benchmark along the development path.

The Absolute Extreme Burner™ technology creates a perfect burn environment where extremely high temperatures, significantly lower fuel consumption, and dramatically lower emissions exist in a near flameless, hot air environment.

While most current burner designs rely on blowing heated or re-circulated air over the point of combustion, to reduce emissions the Absolute Extreme Burner™ technology uses single pass compressed air, injected into a proprietary burner design at the exact point of combustion to help create a near perfect burn environment. The direct injection of compressed air into a uniquely designed burner head at the point of combustion is the key difference between Absolute Extreme Burner™ technology and other existing burner technology. The direct interaction of the perfect mix of air and fuel at the combustion point creates extremely high BTU levels, without the creation of a lengthy flame.  Our ability to adjust the Absolute Extreme Burner’s™ fuel consumption levels to perfectly match the air needed for combustion helps reduce the amount of fuel necessary to produce the BTU outputs of competitive burners.

The Absolute Extreme Burner™ technology will help businesses reduce their fuel consumption by 35% or greater with our improved efficiency.

According to the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC), fire-tube burner technologies currently in the market have an efficiency as low as 30% and as high as 80%. On initial testing, the fire-tube vessel manufactured by ACI specifically for the Absolute Extreme Burner™ has a consistent measured heat transfer efficiency exceeding 84% with a NOx of 17 to 25 ppm. This is greater than a 35% improvement in efficiency when compared to the most competitive burners in the field.

ACI believes that many existing Separators and Treaters will be able to be retrofitted with our Absolute Extreme Burner™ technology to help increase the overall efficiency of their processes and reduce the downtime created by traditional burner technologies.


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